We are an amazing community school in SilverLake, serving students who represent a true and diverse cross-section of LA. 

Our school’s strength lies in its diversity, and our aim is to provide quality education while keeping our school as multi-faceted as our city.  Funds raised through the FOMO Card go to FOM (Friends of Micheltorena) a 501c3 dedicated to making our school a positive, inclusive and enriching environment for our kids — and to raising the money needed to achieve this.

The reality

Last year, The Los Angeles School District (LAUSD) funds barely covered the cost of running our school: teachers, administrative staff, maintenance, utilities, etc.  Unfortunately California is #43 in states that allocate funds in education. Since 2008, Micheltorena’s federal funding has gone down 80%. That’s right, 80%! In the past ten years, our supplemental funds have been cut from $481,000 to $100,000.

Micheltorena Donor Presentation.005.jpeg

That’s why we are launching our new FOMO perks cards as part of our initiative to SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT LOCAL. When you donate $100 to our lovely school, you get a FOMO Perks card and all of the benefits that our generous participating neighbors offer!



Where did one of the 2017 Nobel Prize Winners for Physics go to elementary school? Micheltorena! Who had the largest elementary school orchestra in all of Los Angeles in 1940? Micheltorena!

Micheltorena Street Elementary School was founded in 1905, and with 113 years under its belt, has seen more than its share of Los Angeles history in its time. Thank you so much for helping us build on our history and continue to provide an excellent education full of art, music, green space, collaboration and kindness!